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Sascha Geib

My name is Sascha and I'm the COO and the corporate chef of VITO Fryfilter, Inc. As long as I can remember I've always been connected to the Hospitality Industry. My Mum used to work part time in a Restaurant in the kitchen and when school was over I used to get there, grab some…
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Felix Amrhein

Hi, my name is Felix and I'm the CEO of VITO Fryfilter, Inc. My background: When I started to work in the hotel and restaurant industry in Munich years ago, there was no doubt that it is one of the most interesting and fascinating sectors to work in. It is well known that gaining experience…
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Jennifer Dufner

Hello my name is Jennifer, I'm responsible for order processing. I started my career in the hotel industry in Germany with focus on the front office. After 5 years of taking care of customer wishes and needs and becoming official hotel industry expert I got in touch with VITO AG. I'm very excited about my…
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