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Let’s keep the yellow shoes busy

"Let's keep the yellow shoes busy" was our motto for March and early April. Our teams exhibited at 4 national food shows the last couple of weeks and presented the VITO oil filter system to more than 33,000 attendees, in 3 different time zones.   Our first stop: The IRFS - International Restaurant & Food…
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VITO Fryfilter visiting Dairy Queen

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for our VITO trade show teams. Traveling to Indiana, Texas and West Virginia for the Dairy Queen conventions held by the DQOA was on our schedule. We were very honored to get invited to those shows and it was very interesting for our teams to get…
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The Global Burger King Convention 2016 – VITO was a part of it

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As approved supplier in almost all regions around the world we were invited to join the Global Burger King Convention in Orlando, FL.

Beginning of November Franchisees from all existing Burger King regions could see the new VITO Burger King edition. The new add-ons offer even more durability and makes it even easier to operate VITO which was highly appreciated by all the franchises stopping by at our booth and meeting us throughout the week.

It was amazing to meet operators from all the different countries and markets. Sharing ideas and getting great positive feedback from our current Burger King customers who are currently save 30% of their oil and could decrease workload and labor time.

We are looking forward to next year where we can meet even more happy VITO users.