Felix Amrhein


my name is Felix and I'm the CEO of VITO Fryfilter, Inc.

My background:
When I started to work in the hotel and restaurant industry in Munich years ago, there was no doubt that it is one of the most interesting and fascinating sectors to work in.
It is well known that gaining experience by changing and working for different establishments is the common way in this industry, while keeping an eye out for always improving the quality of my workplaces. I had the chance to see many different locations and were able to get a broad overview about the challenges they all have in common. Always having in my mind the most difficult tasks of all chefs; serving high quality food and keeping costs low to run a successful business; I heard about VITO! One short view was enough to understand that this is one of the easiest and best solutions to take a big step to perform that task.

I learned a lot about hotels, restaurants, operational procedures and the whole industry itself and with my focus on kitchen business I could learn much about food preparation and cooking methods.
The next step was to acquire the wide matter of frying oil, processes and chemical structures to understand how VITO works and how VITO improves quality of the fried dishes and saves money.

I found the new challenge I was looking for! The new task was combining my experience in the catering business and the new knowledge I acquired through several training courses. After one year in the headquarter it was time to focus on the country with a big need of such a helpful device: The United States of America!

Now I moved to the Chicago area to help chefs to save money, labor and time with VITO, while improving the quality of their frying oil and dishes!

I am looking forward to working here and making many chefs happy !