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VITO XS was developed especially for catering industry and bakeries.


VITO XS cleans the oil, stores it in its 73 lbs / 40 l tank and provides an easy and hygienic transport in the kitchen. Because of
its innovative vacuum-filtration technology, particles remain in the filter in a dry condition. Like every VITO oil filter system
the XS provides a micro filtration up to 5 μm. The unique design makes sure the XS can handle temperatures up to 350°F
and provides highest safety at work, because of avoiding direct contact with the hot oil. After filtration the oil can easily be
pumped back into the fryer automatically.
The VITO XS is a real economic miracle which saves oil, labor, stock ground and transport costs.

All benefits at a glance:

Big savings potential:

  • less oil consumption
  • less personnel costs
  • less storage costs
  • fast amortization (4-12 months)


  • constant quality of fried dishes

Easy handling:

  • automatic filtration
  • fast vacuum filtration
  • low cleaning effort


Filtration efficiency:
197-785 μin
Max. power:
1150 W
Power connection:
100-120 V (240 V), 50-60 Hz
Filtration efficiency:
up to 197 µin
W 25.8 x H 29.1 x L 37.1 in
99.2 lbs

All components are food safe

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