VITO oil filter system - the world's most innovative frying oil filter and oil tester

Oil filtration made easy

VITO oil filter systems save up to 50% costs simply by cleaning the frying oil, shortening or any other frying medium. After 4.5 minutes your oil is clean, due to fully automatical frying oil filtration. VITO needs no supervision and offers the highest work safety due to no contact with the hot frying medium.

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VITO Testimonials

Seen in over 150 countries
Used in over 40,000 kitchens

You can find VITO in all types of kitchen:


Quick service restaurants or fast food restaurants use VITO in their usually large fryers and open vats.

Food Productions

VITO is suitable for food production streets with automatic continous fryers, for example in bakeries.

Fine Dining

To provide the highest quality of food, fine dining restaurants use every kind of VITO products in their kitchen.

Casual Dining

To cover the diversity of casual dining restaurants is no big deal for VITO.


…and works in:

Open Vat Fryers
Flat Bottom Fryers
Ventless Fryers

Our Awards and memberships

Catering Star 2015
Catering Star 2015
Gastro Innovation Prize
Gastro Innovation Prize
Gulfood Awards Winner
Gulfood Awards Winner
Hostelco Award Winner
Hostelco Award Winner
IAAPA Brass Ring Winner
IAAPA Brass Ring Winner
ihmrs Green Equpment 2010
ihmrs Green Equpment 2010
Serbotel 2013
Serbotel 2013
SIAL Innovation Award Winner
SIAL Innovation Award Winner
Smart Label 2015
Smart Label 2015
Taste 13 Award Winner
Taste 13 Award Winner
World Chefs
World Chefs

Latest News

VITO X-Series

VITO X-Series - the first patented vacuum filtration system in the Hospitality market now available

"The industry needed a filtration solution for restaurants serving a high volume of fried dishes, food productions with larger fryers or catering operations requiring a time efficient and convenient way to filter their frying oil. We at VITO decided to fill this void by manufacturing the first ever vacuum filtration system called the X-Series. We are proud to announce the availability also in the United States." So, Mr. Andreas Schmidt, CEO of VITO AG, Germany.

Carsten Wulf, 3. from left, gets his member certificate from Euro-Toques members and  VITO AG CEO Andreas Schmidt, middle - black chef jacket

Euro-Toques and VITO AG welcome a new member

The VITO AG had a special honor at the Internorga: Joined by members of the well-respected Euro-Toques federation of chefs, VITO CEO Andreas Schmidt, presented the new member Carsten Wulf his membership certificate

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