The new VITO VL frying oil filter

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In this Photo The new VITO VL frying oil filter

Tuttlingen, Germany, December 2021
VITO AG, the German market leader for filtration systems announced the launch of a new product to fulfill the rising need for high-quality and easy to use filtration systems for deep fryers: The VITO VL oil filter system.

The frying oil filter is simply placed inside your deep fryer and filters your frying oil at service temperature. Oil savings of up to 50%, an increased oil quality and reduced workload around the fryers while being one
of the safest options are the result.

Being the most powerful in-tank filtration system VITO ever built, the VL filters over 26 gallon of oil per minute while pressing the used oil through a pure cellulose filter paper for an optimal microfiltration which
results in a perfectly clean frying medium.

The new VITO VL is significantly stronger than is predecessors and was enhanced with a lot of important design features to improve the well-known user friendliness and optimize the filtration process. VITO has always been very versatile, making it possible to get a great filtration no matter what fryers are
used, or the kitchen is set up. By adding a new technology to the new VITO VL this versatility has even increased!

Featuring the innovative technology VITOconnect you are now able to connect the filtration system to your local Wi-Fi, bringing your kitchen into a new era without the need of changing your entire fryer setup.
The filtration system will send usage data into a web-based cloud where the kitchen operator can remotely access detailed information about usage, generate reports, set email notifications and alerts to
stay on top of the frying oil management. Even oil quality measurements can be added manually to store this data and get a long-term overview about oil quality changes. “Our VITOconnect feature targets all kitchen operators who want to become more sustainable and future oriented by adding smart technology
equipment to their operation. Our cloud-based program will be free of charge, making seamless documentation and following standard operation procedures when it comes to your frying oil care as easy as never before” so Andreas Schmidt, CEO, VITO AG.

The made in Germany oil filter will be available in the USA starting in January 2022 and has already won one of the most prestigious awards in Europe:
The 2021 Smart Label Innovation award which recognizes the most intelligent solutions to improve the professional hospitality sector with focus on quality,
technology, and research to shape the trends of the future.

Get more information through VITO AG’s USA subsidiary
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