We love franchisee conventions – And the Franchisees on the conventions love VITO!

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In this Photo Sina Maier, Denny's Fried Egg and Felix Amrhein

Two great trade show have come to pass. In September we had the honor to exhibit the first time in VITO history at the Carl's Jr. convention in Savanna, GA.
The Star Franchisee Association welcomed us to their yearly get together, four days of networking, four days to get to know great operators, owners and managers as well as four days of an impressive insight in the structure of Carl's Jr.. The interest in our VITO product line was huge, nearly every one stopped by to see 'the new filter from the guys with the yellow shoes'. It was great being a part of that special show and we are looking forward to attend also on next year's show.

The second trade show we attended was the Denny's convention in October. The people we met there were like the weather we had in Orlando, FL for the show - Awesome! Many Franchisees remembered us from the past Denny's convention and the Operators who haven't seen us before were fascinated by our VITO product line. Our concept of saving oil, labor and increased food quality really catched on. We had a really great time with all the attendees and we are hoping to see everyone again next year!

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