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Dual Student Jan Schmidt, VITO AG holding the IAAPA Brass Ring Award

VITO VL was awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award

This November, the VITO VL oil filter system was awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for being one of the best new products of the year. The ceremony took place in Orlando, Florida, where the IAAPA trade fair is held annually. VITO Fryfilter, Inc., the US subsidiary of VITO AG in Germany, participates every year to showcase its latest products. The award highlights the innovation of the modern frying oil filter, which has entered the kitchen equipment market at the end of 2021.

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The new VITO VL frying oil filter

The new VITO VL frying oil filter

The new VITO VL is significantly stronger than is predecessors and was enhanced with a lot of important design features to improve the well-known user friendliness and optimize the filtration process. VITO has always been very versatile, making it possible to get a great filtration no matter what fryers are used, or the kitchen is set up. By adding a new technology to the new VITO VL this versatility has even increased!

Q&A with Felix Amrhein

Current challenges for restaurants – A Q&A

Current challenges for restaurants – A Q&A with Felix Amrhein, CEO of VITO Fryfilter, the US subsidiary of the leading European manufacturer of high-efficient frying oil filtration systems, VITO AG. The German based manufacturer of the VITO line is the leader in frying oil filtration in Europe and is the only manufacturer of the patented in tank filtration systems worldwide

VITO tabs

VITO tabs - Fryer boil-out - The easiest way to a clean deep fryer

We are pleased to announce our latest product line addition, an intensive cleaner individually packed as tabs for an effective cleaning of commercial deep fryers - the VITO tab. The German-made deep fryer boil-out removes burnt in grease and oil from commercial deep fryers and stainless steel accessories. Only 3 simple steps to implement into the working routine of every kitchen!

VITO X-Series

VITO X-Series - the first patented vacuum filtration system in the Hospitality market now available

"The industry needed a filtration solution for restaurants serving a high volume of fried dishes, food productions with larger fryers or catering operations requiring a time efficient and convenient way to filter their frying oil. We at VITO decided to fill this void by manufacturing the first ever vacuum filtration system called the X-Series. We are proud to announce the availability also in the United States." So, Mr. Andreas Schmidt, CEO of VITO AG, Germany.

Carsten Wulf, 3. from left, gets his member certificate from Euro-Toques members and VITO AG CEO Andreas Schmidt, middle - black chef jacket

Euro-Toques and VITO AG welcome a new member

The VITO AG had a special honor at the Internorga: Joined by members of the well-respected Euro-Toques federation of chefs, VITO CEO Andreas Schmidt, presented the new member Carsten Wulf his membership certificate

The new VITO 80 in action

Internorga 2019: Kickoff with two new innovations

"The Internorga is a trendsetter for the HoReCa market in Germany. It shows us every year, how much hospitality, catering and bakery businesses are willing to invest. Optimal quality and easy handling are very important during the daily routine. VITO offers these benefits to their customers from the very beginning." – Alexander Schauf, General Director of Sales VITO AG

Chef Uwe Micheel, VITO CEO Andreas Schmidt and WACS President Thomas Gugler

VITO AG renews as a Worldchefs Global Partner

Worldchefs is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with VITO AG. A valued Worldchefs Global Partner, VITO AG is the world’s leading in-tank frying oil filtration brand, and a forerunner in sustainable design.

Alexander Schauf (Sales Director) and Andreas Schmidt (CEO) with the trophy

VITO receives "Grünes Band" – The latest sustainability award

The VITO AG, manufacturer of the VITO product line, was awarded with the latest sustainability award ‘Gruenes Band’. The "Gruenes Band" is an award, recognizing companies standing out with their innovations benefiting the environment and making restaurants more sustainable.

How VITO reduce carbon footprint

VITO is Green and saves CO2

VITO shows one more time that saving money and the enviroment can surely go hand in hand! Look at the graph for more information!

Impressions of VITO @ NRA 2017

NRA 2017 – Big success with new & innovative VITOs

The NRA is the largest and also the most important exhibition in the United States of America for the food and hospitality industry. This year the VITO product line was presented by our international team consisting of partners from Mexico, Canada and from the German HQ.

The yellow shoe

Let's keep the yellow shoes busy

"Let's keep the yellow shoes busy" was our motto for March and early April. Our teams exhibited at 4 national food shows the last couple of weeks and presented the VITO oil filter system to more than 33,000 attendees, in 3 different time zones.

Impression from the DQ conventions in Indiana, Texas and West Virginia

VITO Fryfilter visiting Dairy Queen

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for our VITO trade show teams. Traveling to Indiana, Texas and West Virginia for the Dairy Queen conventions held by the DQOA was on our schedule

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